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Quantitative Research Proposal Writing

Conducting research for a research paper or theses usually requires you to first provide the supervisory committee with an outline of your intended research. This outline allows the committee to see your readiness for conducting research successfully as well as having the opportunity to review your intended area of research. They expect to see that you have chosen an acceptable topic that has importance and relevance that can be achieved within the timescales and resources available.

They expect to see the research that you have conducted to gain an understanding of the current situation and how you are going to gather and analyze data to research that gap that you have identified. This proposed quantitative analysis will have to be written up within your quantitative research proposal and accepted by the committee before you can start your research properly.

How to Write a Quantitative Research Proposal

Writing a quantitative research proposal or even writing a qualitative research proposal is never easy. Using a sample of a quantitative research proposal downloaded from the internet, however, can make things a little simpler. You can use a quantitative research proposal example at a template for your own proposal, however, great care must be taken when downloading to ensure that you get the right format and that the formatting is preserved when you download otherwise you could end up using the wrong quantitative research proposal outline. Using the wrong example of a quantitative research proposal would be a big mistake and should be carefully avoided.

A research work can either be a qualitative or quantitative research. If you are going for a quantitative research, you will be asked to submit a quantitative research proposal which is different from the other one. A qualitative research work also has the same elements, but a quantitative research work entails mathematical analysis, equations, and even frameworks that you have to study and write about. Here are some tips when writing a quantitative research proposal:

  • Research on your topics. Since you will have to deal with a quantitative analysis, you have to take the time to research about mathematical formulas, equations, and even statistical methods of previous topics or other research work related to your topic of choice.
  • Build a solid framework and methodology. Since it is a quantitative based research, you just focus on ensuring that you are able to derive the right equation and a set of hypothesis which will be the central focus of your study.
  • You need to write the specific scientific steps on how you intend to do your research work. For instance, how will you get the data? What are equations that you are going to use? How about the framework? These are just some of the details that you need to include.
  • You need to be able to combine mathematics and analysis. Even if it is a quantitative paper, it isn’t just about numbers. You should use math and statistics in order to substantiate your paper. For many, this can be a really tough thing to do.

If you are still not sure about writing your quantitative research proposal you can always come to the experts within our service to get your proposal written precisely to the right format and to the best possible standards.

Problems with Quantitative Research Proposal and How to Solve Them

Writing a proposal for a quantitative research is not as easy as it appears. Yes, a quantitative based research may appear to be straightforward since you will be dealing with numbers and data, you need to be knowledgeable with equations, theories, and formulas, not to mention that you may also have to deal with statistical analysis. A quantitative research proposal has its own difficulties. But there are ways for you to overcome these challenges, here are some tips to make it easier for you:

  • Introduction. In your introduction, you should be able to clearly define your problem statement. The rationale for the study should also be there along with its significance. The objectives should also be clearly stated as they will serve as your guide all throughout your research.
  • Literature review. Even if you are doing a quantitative research, you still need to have a literature review. There might be previous research work that used certain formulas and equations. You can also look into qualitative data. It does not mean that since it is a quantitative data, you no longer need qualitative sources.
  • Research methods. This is one of the most crucial parts of your research. For your study design, you need to explain how you want your study to be. For instance, you need to state if it is a descriptive study or you may also do an analytical study which includes case-control, cross-sectional, cohort study, etc. You should also include a brief description of the area of your study. In addition to these details, you also need to include sampling techniques, study population, measurement instruments, etc.
  • Work plan. With a quantitative research, you will have to gather data. So you need to have a work plan and an estimated budget. It gets more challenging especially if you have a big sample size. In this section of your study, you should have a timetable as to how you want to do your research work. You need to cover specific items which include transport, task allocation, time schedule, etc.

It is very important for you to have reasonable estimates so you can prepare for your research work and you have an idea how much it will cost you.

The Best Help for Your Quantitative Research Proposal

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So if you are in need of a quantitative research proposal come to us and we can provide you with any aspect of your research and writing that you may need.

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