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Research Proposal Ideas

Working towards your degree you will have to prove your worth by conducting worthwhile and relevant research; research that has to be done on some gap in the existing research that already exists and that will add real value to the body of knowledge that exists within your subject. You need to select a topic that has not yet been studied by anyone else and that will be seen to be important by your soon to be peers. You then have to demonstrate that importance through the study of relevant literature and show how it is that you will conduct your research by writing up a research paper proposal.

Your research proposal is then reviewed by the supervising committee who will decide if your research is well considered and will then either agree to allow you to proceed or send you right back to the start to find an alternative.

Finding Research Proposal Ideas

research proposal ideasFinding research project ideas is not as simple as some may think, most subjects are pretty well saturated so fining a hole in the available research can be often very difficult, especially a hole that actually interests you. Many academic libraries will have a list of possible research topics that can be of use should there be anything of interest on it. The easiest way however to find research topic ideas is to read research that interests you and review the discussion sections where they may identify shortcomings with their own research or areas that will still require additional research. This is often the best source of everything from business research proposal ideas through to ideas in zoology.

Choosing a topic for your research proposal can be really challenging especially if you don’t know where to start. But there are ways for you to get a topic that you are really interested in and can give you a solid research word that you can submit to your professor. Here are some effective tips for choosing a topic for your research paper:

  • Take time researching. Okay. So you have a deadline before you finally submit your research proposal and you are cramming for a research topic. But it is very important that you also take the time to research as to what kind of topic you really want to have for your research proposal. And as much as you are conscious about the time frame, it is very crucial that you’re able to find a topic that you are motivated to study and at the same time, you won’t have any difficulty finding data and resources.
  • Write down research topics that come to mind. When you are asked to submit a research topic, you often find yourself choosing among different choices. It actually helps if you start brainstorming for ideas. You can list down all of the possible topics that you think is a good choice. It also helps if you can ask your friends or discuss with your classmates. You may also want to ask advice from your professor. Whatever method is the most suitable for you, at end of the day, you get to choose the best choice based on your certain criteria and requirements.

How to Write a Proposal for Research

Once you have those all-important research proposal ideas you now need to write it up within the strict guidelines that you will be expected to meet for your research proposal. Academic writing requires that you write in perfect English at all times and follow a strict format if you want to get your work accepted. This can be achieved by following instructions very carefully or by finding a template that you can follow your writing. Here is a step by step guide in writing a proposal for your research:

  • Step 1: Narrow down your topic. One of the easiest steps for you to get a good research topic is for you to find a general topic. But since the general topic can be too broad and you wouldn’t want to research to lose focus, you need to find a certain angle in that research topic that you want to concentrate on. For instance, if you want to talk her about marriage, instead of just focusing on marriage as a research topic, you might want to focus on for instance what happens when people get married early or marriage in the 20th century.
  • Step 2: Write the introduction. A research proposal or any research work should have a good introduction. This is the very first part where you want to introduce the topic to your readers. In the introductory part, you identify the central research problem and the methods that you are going to use.
  • Step 3: Write the background and significance of the study. In this section, you can write down more about the topic. It helps if you have other research works that have already tackled the topic. State why your study is significant and what problems are addressed.
  • Step 4: Have a solid literature review. One of the most crucial parts of your research proposal is your literature review. It needs to be organized in such a way that you will be able to present your work in a coherent manner. Cover all of the essential details related to your topic.
  • Step 5: Provide detailed research design and methods. How do you want to implement your research? This section of the research proposal will answer this question.
  • Step 6: Conclusion. In the last part of your research proposal, you give a short summary of your entire study. Why do you think the study should be pursued and what is the very purpose of this study?

How We Can Help with Writing a Research Project Proposal

From research project ideas to writing we can find you a highly qualified writer and researcher to help. We will match you with someone that holds a higher level degree that they have earned in your subject and they will also be an experienced and skilled writer. They can use their subject knowledge and writing skills to craft you a unique research proposal as well as use their knowledge of available literature to help you select the right research proposal ideas for your research.

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